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Is something wrong?

I had created a gig and got 5 order just after 8-9 days I created that gig. But now I am not getting more sales. Please see if something is wrong in my gig.

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Maybe its because there are like 10 Million others selling the same thing as you.

Business tends to come and go, be patient. Posting your link in the Tips section in hopes of someone wanting to by fake followers may not help your sales any though…

Thank you guys for help.

It happened to me. I’m not sure but I think when a gig is new, it is well advertise. That means get all the clients and do your best shots because after that wave, your gig will now have to be on rotation with other gig that cater similar service that you do. But don’t worry, you’ll get your client back. Just know what your competitors are doing.

New gigs rotate through fairly frequently on the Fiverr front page, as well as in each category’s front page and search engine results if you ask for “New”. This gives all new gigs a chance for some exposure. Once enough newer gigs come in behind you, though, your gigs get indexed with the other squintillion gigs on Fiverr. Unless an editor likes your gig and puts in on the front page for awhile longer.

Reply to @celticmoon: Like the old man with white beard that is almost a mainstay character and the 2 yellow ducks that is sitting on my fiverr apps for almost a week.

Reply to @francis920176: Actually not everyone necessarily sees the same gigs. Fiverr’s newsletter seems to be directed to people based on previous browsing histories, or the category your own gigs are in. (Not sure why THAT is!) And what you see on the front page will change slightly if you do a specific search.

The rhyme or reason behind the editor’s picks, though, is anyone’s guess!

I can’t complain, because I have a gig which shows on the front page reloads, usually the 2nd or 3rd page down, but it’s been there for a long time…many months. Obviously, we’d all love to be featured, or showing right on top, but I’m not greedy~ :slight_smile: