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Is ***** still on here as I am now unable to contact them?

I purchased a logo from ***** in January and I really need to contact them but seem to be unable. Do designers keep changing their I.D’s

Mod Note: Seller name removed. This seller no longer has a profile on Fiverr.

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Hello, to answer your question, you can´t change your username, the only option to get a new username is to close your active account and open a new one with the desired name, it is not allowed to have more than one active account at the same time.
If your former seller’s profile is unavailable, either they closed their account or it got suspended by Fiverr for some ToS violation.

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It makes sense that they were removed since my logo I paid for as being MY logo has since been sighted on a google search. They obviously just copy and paste. Are there no safe guards in place to ensure the integrity of the sellers on this site?

why yes, if you reverse image the logo prior to accepting it and see that is the case you can refuse the delivery and contact customer service, letting them know you received a duplicate logo.

Months after the fact, no not so much.

Always check out your purchase thoroughly prior to accepting delivery. If they tell you to accept before receiving, contact customer service.

Always protect yourself.

perhaps he delete his account…

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as @miiila said he might have violated Tos and got his account suspended