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Is support down, Wed Nov 28?


I have been trying to submit an inquiry to support and keep getting “delivery failed, try again.” I tried two different browsers as well and neither work.


It has been five days, and I still cannot submit any support tickets. I need to talk to someone in support. What is going on?


If you still can’t contact them you could use the support email,

But you could try maybe doing a full refresh Ctrl+F5 or deleting cookies on the browser(s) and checking there’s nothing from stopping scripts from running or cookies being set. Chrome is normally what Fiverr recommends. Maybe you could try 1 more browser if it still doesn’t work. It could just be too many messages being sent to Fiverr support recently or something and re-trying could fix it though others haven’t mentioned this and I received a message from them on the 30th so it’s not been down for everyone since 28th.