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Is That A Misuse Of The Rating System?

Greetings to the community!

I would like to hear your thoughts on a matter that was presented recently to me. Maybe some of you have faced it before.

As you know, Feedback reviews provided by buyers while completing an order are an essential part of Fiverr’s rating system.

Now, my questions is:

Does Fiverr allow its customers to make use of false claims in their reviews, aimed to undermine the seller’s service?

In my specific case, I went above and beyond for a customer and he thanked me with a 2-star rating that was irrational. Anyway, that was not the issue.

In the review, the customer claimed he “wasted $250 on the order” while his order’s value was much less than that.

Isn’t that dramatization deceptive?

As I see the situation, it’s a false argument that could discourage other Fiverr’s customers to trust my services.

The customer is free to share his honest opinion. I absolutely respect that.

But lying in such a way in the review section? Should that be acceptable?

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Customer Support. The review will be removed as someone’s telling porkie pies. Of course this is abuse of the rating system!

NOTE: your seller will be able to leave another review if/when they notice, but if they get even angrier and leave another review filled with lies, repeat the procedure. Rinse and repeat until they explode.

Should lying be allowed in reviews?

The simple answer is no. But, the issue isn’t simple.

If the buyer is outright inflating the cost to make you look bad, you talk with Customer Support. Let them see messages, the real value, and the work delivered. If that CS rep believes the review shouldn’t be they, they will remove it and the case is closed.

Part of freelancing is dealing with unhappy buyers and not all cases are simple. As a theoretical example, perhaps the buyer was a reseller. Perhaps they ordered from you a $50 purchase and they had a client who was paying them $250 for it. When you delivered, say your buyer’s client hated it. So, the buyer wanted a refund and you said no. Buyer purchases a $200 gig from someone else and their client is happy.

Now the buyer blames you for the whole $250 and says that to Customer Support. I would still say the review is wrong, but another person might say that’s it’s justified since you didn’t refund. The review system is tricky. I think you were wronged if your price was $250. Contacting CS is still best.

In the interest of justice they should remove the review. And also once they remove an unjust review that should mean the buyer cannot leave another review on this seller’s service.


I doubt this was the case as the work requested work for his own line of products.

He wasn’t a middleman.

Also, I didn’t say no to a refund. I even delivered multiple modifications and thought he was fine with it. Then the review came without any notice.

I tried to contact the customer multiple times, but he ignores the messages.

I have already contacted support. They refused to remove it.

As I see it, they just saw the request and sent me an automated message just to get me over their way. And this happened not once, but three times (same ticket).

Am I allowed to post screenshots of what CS said here? Maybe it could give you a better idea.

Either way, CS’s replies were along the lines of the following excerpt:

“Feedback reviews provided by buyers while completing an order are an essential part of Fiverr’s rating system. Reviews demonstrate the buyer’s overall experience with the sellers and their service.”

Thanks for taking time to reply. Please check my above reply to Emmaki. Same stuff.

“In the review, the customer claimed he “wasted $250 on the order” while his order’s value was much less than that”

How much were you paid for the order? Because your OP seems to suggest that the lie is in the $$$, whereas the reaction of CS seems to indicate that this wasn’t an issue (meaning you were paid this much–possibly the buyer is also referring to the fees that get tacked on). I mean, a buyer is entitled to say that they wasted $x on something. Maybe they’re angling to get a refund base on the simple fact that no seller wants such a review on their page.

Either way, this is considerably more gray than your initial post suggested. If the lie isn’t in the $250, what is it?

The order was valued at $155. (I got about $110 after Fiverr’s cut).

There is no chance he spent another $100 in fees.

If we count Fiverr fees, then these would be only another $17.5 since the customer is not from Israel (special case that he would pay extra VAT fees).

Again, the amount spent compared to the amount he claimed he spent is different and the difference is not $5 or $10 but close to $100.

@spxmac “I tried to contact the customer multiple times, but he ignores the messages.”

Creating multiple tickets actually causes Support to stop reading them. You’ll need a long wait before creating any new ticket or you’ll just be flagged as a CS spammer.


I didn’t create multiple tickets. I submitted only 1 ticket.

They replied telling me that it’s a prerogative of a buyer’s to leave feedback.

Yet, they didn’t answer if it’s allowed for customers to use deceptive claims and dramatization in the review section to discourage others in the community from buying a service.

Hence why I said multiple messages (3), as I went on to ask again trying to get an answer to this specific question.

But it was on the same ticket.

@emmaki What’s your opinion?

Eventually, CS didn’t help with removing this feedback.

To me, it seems unfair. The customer could say anything he wants and then I would agree with CS that it’s his right to express his opinion.

But I think his specific argument was false and deceptive.

I think you have a great thing going on Fiverr, I checked your Gigs - they are all great…so don’t worry about the negative review, just carry on, you will be a TRS soon the way you are going. All the best!

Thank you.

I’m trying to figure out why Customer Support didn’t help you…your best bet is to use your right of reply to make them seem like an unreasonable monster–or refund.

Seems like you got a shitty deal.


Thanks for your reply!

Eventually, CS removed the part of the review about the $250, but left the feedback on my profile.

Even WORSE - due to this edit - the feedback is now at the beginning of my profile which will certainly impact my orders in a negative way until I get 5-10 positive reviews…

I would love to refund the customer, but he is UNRESPONSIVE. The cancellation has to be mutual for the feedback to be removed.

Trying to communicate and not getting a reply is the worst thing on Fiverr as the customer ignores you and Support can’t offer any help.


  1. The order was eventually refunded and the rating removed.

  2. Yet, it really bothers me that my work is still being used by the buyer, even after he claimed it was of “low quality”. It obviously wasn’t - otherwise he wouldn’t use it!

  3. He still uses it even AFTER he got the refund!

That’s why I initially asked for the feedback’s removal. It was clear that this buyer only wanted to get free stuff worth $170 and he eventually accomplished it.

Fiverr should probably figure out a way to crack down on these types of customers.

The best thing would be to set a percentage of repayment. It is to remove that damned rate. It makes us work badly.