Is that a site´s DEBUG!?


I´VE got a FIVE STAR RATING from my FIRST CLIENT, but the site shows me a 1.7 rating! Is that a DEBUG?

Can somebody correct that to me!?

I can see only the 5-star review, but behind the 1.7 rating, it says (3), which means that you had 2 other reviews already. Your account is from 2012, after all, maybe from a gig you deleted some time ago? The reviews themselves disappear when you delete a gig, but the review number and rating stays.
If this 5-star review was in fact from your first client, you should send Customer Support a screenshot showing the 1.7 (3) and the 5-star review, so they can check if it´s a bug.


Thanks for your attention!
There are many things I didn´t know here… it was useful!
I will follow your suggestion!


I have just one costumer that rate me 5 stars, and just ONE review! How come my rate is only 1.7!? The site says I have more two bad reviews! This is really annoying me, and maybe nobody looks for me because of that.

I don´t have more gigs because of that problem!

Can someone do something about it?

Elias Galveas

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Contact customer support. Im sure if thats true and you have only gotten 1 job, and its been completed and given a 5 star review, they will correct the error quickly.


It would appear that a long time ago, you had a couple orders you abandoned. Your account is 5 years old, and your 1.7 star score is consistent with two canceled/delivered-late orders.

Unless customer support will delete those old ratings (they won’t), you would need to start over with a new account, which is permissible provided you first close this one.

Best of success to you.


I see: maybe is not a DEBUG! There is a possibility… I have created this account on 2012, worked about 2 years with it (mostly as a buyer!), and has been out for about 2 years after those 2 years of participationI created, because of health and personal problems. By that time (2013/2014), there was no such things as VACATION MODE as far I remember (or I haven´t notieced there was!). Maybe I should have erased my gigs (I remember I had 3 of them; now, only one!).

But the problem is: there is no sign or track of those costumers that cancelled my orders!

But I have a great reputation, here, as a buyer (actually, is what I really am): I really wouldn´t like to cancel this account because of that.


You can try to explain this to Customer Support.
I wouldn’t hold my breath though, they probably can’t make exceptions; if they did, everyone who abandoned their account for a while without checking their attached mail for orders and thus disappointed customers who placed orders and waited for a delivery that never came, maybe having deadlines of their own, would want those 1* reviews deleted whenever they decided to come back.


Yes, I agree! But those are impulsive and careless buyers: they should try to get in touch with us first, and not impulsevely press buttoms presuming we are going to be there for them for sure! Of course it was my mistake too… but, those costummers harm themselves doing that, and us too!


Anyway, I am mostly a BUYER arround here… but I could create more gigs and offer more service… but those kind of thing really demotivates me to do that. But that´s fine (I have my fraction of guilt in this problem): and I love FIVERRS anyway!

Thanks for you help and attention!
Elias Galveas