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Is That any problem If I use Fiverr in different IP address?

Is That any problem If I use Fiverr in different IP address?

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isn’t the same as

I use my home network and my mobile network in the same day, even at the same time so my IP address changes frequently - never been a problem. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you find something from Fiverr that says that officially please?

You can be connected on as many different devices and networks as you like, so long as you only use one account. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’d be happy for somebody to lose their account? Nice.

There isn’t any limit on using IP addresses if you’re only using one account. Saying otherwise, without any proof is just going to give other sellers stress which they don’t need.

To the OP:

No, it isn’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


You have joined this month, but you know better than someone who’s been on Fiverr since 2014 and never got a warning?


If that were really true, why do you think Fiverr made an iPhone/Android app for smart phones? When one goes out, say for example: to a company, an airport/train station or a restaurant that offers WiFi services, and they want to use Fiverr on their mobile phone, clearly the IP address they have when they connect to these different WiFis would be different from the IP address they usually have when they connect to their home networks.

Or do you think Fiverr made a big mistake by creating the smart phone apps perhaps? Please think about it. Then you might realize what you said was probably just not true.

Before you decide on advising someone else the next time, I highly recommend that you ensure what you say is correct. If not, at least be willing to accept the fact that you were mistaken and move on. Thank you!

Mod Note: Please be cautious about the wording you use. Your intent was accurate but try to use words with less emotional impact.


I have connected to Fiverr when I am at work from several different computers in the same day. I also may use my iPad, iPhone and computer later that day. I have never had an issue with logging into Fiverr from different IP addresses. :slightly_smiling_face: