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Is that fair to take 20% commission on Tip of Buyers

Hi I am really confused that is it really fair to take 20% commission for tip that buyers give us for good work or their highly satisfaction.I think when a buyer give a tip to the seller the credit only goes to the seller not fiverr. Fiverr already get a 20% commission on that order but why they take a part on the tip.i think this is really not good,they shouldnt take anything from the tip.share your experience friends

Its fair. If they won’t charge then people will start exploiting by asking buyers to send money as tip instead of placing normal orders. And I think they deserve that 20% as fiverr’s UI also plays a part in their great experience :slight_smile:

I see both sides of it. I completely understand why buyer takes commission from the tips. It’d be a way for the more slimy sellers to try to cheat Fiverr out of their commission.

Anyway, I don’t think that this platform’s commission is anything to complain about. You’re listing your work for free, and you’re being exposed to thousands of buyers… for free. You only pay when you make a sale. That gives you nothing to complain about.

i am not complaining actually my point is that the tip is like a gift from the buyers,because they provide this for their extra ordinary satisfaction which is completely made by the sellers and it also make a new business relations between themselves for the future sometimes. so i am just unhappy that someone else take a part from that gift which is given to me only. may be i am selfish :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always put a disclaimer in your gig discription noting that fiverr take 20% of price and tips, this may sway buyers to tip or par more to compensate.


I’ve seen this explanation before but not sure how this would work. The buyer buys my gig. I deliver the gig. Only after I deliver the gig is there a request for a tip. So before buyer can tip, they have to buy a regular gig…right? So how could a buyer send money as a tip without placing a normal order?

Hello! Let’s say I have a repeat client who trusts me. That client requests a project which costs $500. I will tell my client to place $100 order and once I deliver the project he/she may send remaining $400 using “tips”. And not only repeat client…a new person will also do it if you offer him some discount. If its a $500 project…one can steal $80 from fiverr’s pocket. Its not that hard.

you mean after adding any description like that the buyer will pay more 20% because fiverr deduct? most of the time i havent any idea actually which buyer give a tip and happens suddenly.i dont think so the buyer will agree in that case.

I also thought that is not fair until now. But after reading this thread I think that is fair enough and fiverr deserve it.

As you said people will start exploiting by asking buyers to send money as tip instead of placing normal orders . i have no idea about the tip pay it possible to pay as a tip without placing any normal order?if yes but how?do you know?

Check my reply right above your post.

my other point is if you get a repeat trustful client you can deal with him out of fiverr. and if you do that you dont need to give 20% commission.what about that? :smiley:

Doing that will break fiverr’s ToS. And currently ToS is you can’t deal with someone outside fiverr. And this is awful and nasty at the same time.

As “carrioncutie” said, “You’re listing your work for free, and you’re being exposed to thousands of buyers…. for free. You only pay when you make a sale. That gives you nothing to complain about.”

When I talk about “exploiting”. I am not talking about old and reputed sellers, they will never do it. New sellers or scammers will try to do this.

Yes it is fair.
That is the price we must pay for the opportunity to earn on this website. Win - Win.

Also if there was no commission, I am pretty sure there would be so many money laundering cases happening.

I think it’s fine to take 20% commission from tip. Otherwise seller will discuss with buyer and then seller will send custom order of $5 and will take 100$ as tip from buyer for a project of 105$ if the commission become less.

I think its totally fine to take 20%. Fiverr gave you a platform where you can show your skills without investing any money. So when someone appreciate your work by giving you tip, its fiverr right to take 20% for providing a great platform to us.

I understand what you are saying, but it sounds risky to me for several reasons. (1) if fiverr catches you, your account will be gone and (2) I have some great repeat clients also but asking them to participate in some kind of scheme seems unethical – I’m sure come clients would walk away not come back – reputation is everything.

I think Fiverr is deserve it because Fiverr are provide to you client without any marketing :slight_smile:

Seems fair enough to me. Fiverr is a business and the deal is 20% of everything you earn. After all if you get a tip you haven’t done any extra work so it is a win for Fiverr and for you.

It works that way only in theory. There is no Fiverr buyer that I would trust enough to think that he wouldn’t show me his middle finger once the deal is done and he has to pay the tip.

Even my private clients whom I totally trust after working with them for years pay me before I start on the job.