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Is that fiverr team read our chat?

I thought private messages are meant to stay anonymous and discreet…

Why is it then private?

Why would you think it’s private when you have a staff here who watches what everyone does?

Do you know that they can see what is on their own site?

It is not private and discreet. It is able to be viewed by fiverr staff. There is nothing private about anything you do here.


Really well that’s nice to know

You’re better off keeping in mind that nothing you ever type and send while you’re hooked up to the internet is private, not on Fiverr main page, not on this forum, not elsewhere.
It doesn’t say “Private Messages” or “PM” BTW, at least in my menu, just “Messages”, I’d use that as a reminder. Not that the sites that label their buttons with “PM” wouldn’t check your PMs if they saw a reason to.

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Then it shouldn’t be called private

@hanshuber16 thank you for this information

And it’s not called private, it’s called “inbox messages” not private messages.


Yeah inbox which means inside my box…I guess it should only be seen by me alone don’t you think so?


It should be seen by you, the person you’re talking to, and the appropriate authorities (in this case, Fiverr staff).

You don’t own Fiverr, and Fiverr owners have every right to know what’s going on on their own site.


Yeah, no. Fiverr is not a social networking website like Facebook where people share a lot of personal/private information with one another.

This is a professional website where only business-related conversations are meant to take place between the sellers and (prospective) buyers, and these messages/conversations have to abide by the rules as mentioned in Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

So, while privacy laws might be applicable to the conversations that take place on social media websites (like Facebook), it definitely doesn’t apply to the messages on Fiverr.

So, my answer is: no, I don’t think so.

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This made me laugh. No I don’t think so. It wouldn’t occur to me it was private. They have to know what everyone says to others. They don’t want people doing things like threatening others, doing drug deals, scheming to rob banks, or other such things. They have to watch what everyone does.

Only professional chat about our gigs is allowed, nothing else.


It isn’t. Sending a private message to an individual is not the same is posting in a forum thread.