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Is that go against TOS?

Hi, i develop websites. Some time in order page. Because of hosting client share mail and login info for hosting to setup their websites. Is that okay? I’m not sharing my mail or any contact info.

If i say hi i need login info to setup your site. Is that go against TOS?

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The fiverr TOS indicates that info can be shared if necessary for the order - but only on the order page


Are you sure? Because 1 of my colleague got warning when she shared a screenshot of a particular social site, though it was necessary to complete her job. If you know exactly,please share here.

Reach out to Customer Support and ask them. A couple of days ago they didn’t allow me to email my buyer’s host, which, in my opinion, is beyond silly…

To quote the CS agent that handled my ticket…

*where he says webdesigner he means webhost, I think…not sure he has the best grap of english tbh

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All the information were submitted by clients. its needed to get their emails to login at hosting companies site. All the info has been shared at ORDER Page not on Chat. I didn’t shared my emails or any contact info.

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