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Is that good to delete all gig frequently

if you Don’t get any order then you would delete your all gigs then make it again newly. is that good for new seller ?? :roll_eyes:


That’s a bit like asking ‘if I open a shop, and nobody visits it in the first month, should I bulldoze it and rebuild it again?’

Why do you think deleting gigs would be a good idea? The most successful gigs on Fiverr are those with a history. Our most successful gig is the one that we created on our first day on the site, just over 2.5 years ago. There’s no way we’d delete it!

If your gigs aren’t selling, there’s an issue with the gigs, and you should focus on fixing that issue, not deleting them.


You can delete your gig only if you want to change the gig URL.


It might help if you want to try to offer something completely different. However, if you want to sell the same services you’re already offering, there’ no point in deleting your gigs. It won’t help you (remember that buyers have no idea when you created your gigs 5 years or 5 minutes ago).


Focus on improving your business instead of trying to find tricks to get ahead (you won’t).


Good advice.

There are literally no tricks or shortcuts.

It’s all about hard work and persistence.


Love this analogy!

OP, some fantastic sellers have answered your question. The takeaway seems to be stop focusing on gaming the system (which rarely ever works). Focus instead on building a reputable business.

If you’re stuck, get your head in a marketing or sales book, or study the forum’s top posts. The questionable sources you’re turning to for information aren’t helping you succeed.


If you need to delete all your gigs over and over something is wrong. I’ve never deleted a gig. I’ve made about one dozen gigs the entire time I’ve been here, which is a long time.

IF you do what you are really good at and your images and description are good you should make sales. That’s the only “trick” that works.


I’ve never deleted ALL my gigs at the same time. I have deleted gigs here and there that never had sales. I can usually tell within 4 to 6 weeks if a gig is successful and should stay vs one that’s a total dud.

A better analogy would be this: I have a retail store with limited shelf space. My shelf has 20 spots. 18 spots are selling with a few stars selling very well. 2 spots are not selling at all. That’s when I start thinking of a totally new video concept to sell in those spots. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well Explanation. Thanks for it.

Hello @elias_dawa

Reading all the expert advice, the bottom line is don’t delete your gigs but optimize them to sell.

There are a lot of posts here which will teach you how to SEO your gigs, search the forum for such posts and follow them religiously.

If you still don’t sell, you are doing something wrong.

Good luck :+1: