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Is that just my browser or it is everyone?

Suddenly, my site acts very strange. and it is difficult to use.
I lost all the top bar where it used to be Message and notifications.
and the screen become very big, I need to move the interface to see the whole content. its so difficult to use. Does anyone experience the same thing as me?

Happy Fiverrversary! I see the cake by your name!

As for the odd screen, I think there was an update a little while ago and it messed with everyone’s screen. I am sure someone can give you a better answer but you aren’t alone.

However, losing the top bar I don’t know if that is completely normal. Like you can’t see it at all?
Have you tried a different browser?

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I see the icon of my profile, and I see fiverr. but I dont see the message, notification, buttons like use to be. Do you see them?

and thank you! I didn’t even realize today I have been on fiverr for a year now! :slight_smile:


Oh boy, ok that sound so like something for the professionals then. I have no idea! I’m sorry! :frowning: