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Is that really true?

My friend told me that Fiverr reviews are available for some dollar.I was surprised to hear that . Is that really what happens? If so, isn’t that contrary to morality? What does Fiverr say about this matter?

Please let me know if you know😀


This is review manipulation. No, you are not allowed to do this. If you get caught your account will most likely be banned.

Please read the ToS:


It is against Fiverr TOS to exchange GIGs with each other or ask other sellers to give buy your services.


I also think I told him it was against fiverr TOS

Yes brother you’re right :grinning:

Really? You’re asking if it’s moral to trick buyers and the Fiverr system into thinking you legitimately got reviews that you actually paid for? Really?

That’s like asking if it’s moral to cheat on a test. What do you think?

Read the ToS and think ethically. Reviews exist to provide honest feedback, not trick buyers. Why would Fiverr be okay with tricking buyers?

The forum isn’t here to answer questions you could answer if you actually looked and read the terms you agreed to when you registered.

The lack of ethics among Fiverr sellers is so so disturbing.


Do you really think customers read through all the reviews? Besides gigs only display your last 17 jobs in the portfolio. Customers would have to scroll down on your Fiverr page to read all the old reviews. Purchasing reviews would be a waste of money.

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There have been three of four questions in the past week about a “friend” who told someone to buy Fiverr reviews. I have a funny feeling this “friend” is really some unscrupulous “guru” scamming people with really bad information.

It’s sad that some people have to ask, “Is it okay if I lie and cheat?”


Very sad. It’s even more sad that they think the official forum is a place to get support for fraud.


That’s bad it against fiverr policy…

Buying what they called review might get your account banned from Fiverr, so kindly use the buyer request section and promote your gigs :raised_hands:

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