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❓ Is that Review Lost?

A buyer rated & reviewed my deliver, but it has been a few days already and I could not rate the buyer back.

Is that review lost?

Will I not see that review / rating again?

Please help me out with this.
Thanks a lot!


I wish I knew the answer to where you are supposed to leave the review of the buyer or how to see it. You might have to contact customer support and ask them. It must be part of the new system.

Did you try looking at the bottom of the order page to see if there is a place there to do it?


It happend to me a year ago. Buyer give me a review but I couldn;t rate it back. Even the timer was running . I contacted support and they fix it for me.


A year ago, the system was different. Buyer’s review was visible even if you did not rate/review back.

But now, in this new system, Buyer’s review is not visible until the seller reviews the buyer!

So, if I missed the review, will I not see the buyer’s review/rating on my profile ever again?

@misscrystal There comes an option to review and rate the buyer once after the completion of the order and the buyer has accepted and reviewed the delivery.

Indeed system is different but loos like the similar bug, as you confirm buyer had review your order and issue is you can’t review it now :smiley: In new system if you don’t reply buyer’s review it will show in 10 days. In that case option for your review will be disabled.

Tahole amar aar kichhui korar naai?

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rate the buyer according to your experience with him/her :wink:

lol your Bangla is too good :smiley: fon’t forget to add a translation!!

I think the blind review is gone! I just had a client leave me a review and get this - I got to SEE IT before I left my own review! Hallelujah


I just got a review I could see without leaving the buyer one! I’m so happy but there is no way to leave one for the buyer, but I will still take this huge improvement. :fireworks: :+1:

I even got a notification on the site that they left me a 5 :star: review! :smile:

edit: Strange, just now it was back to the old way of having to leave a review to see their review.


I still can’t see mine until I leave one!! :no_mouth::neutral_face:

Nevermind it’s gone ugh.

Just wait 10 days. You will probably not be able to review it, but it will show in 10 days on your gig.

I had two the same, when I contacted CS they told me that the buyer waited to long to review me so the period I was able to post my review expired. So, the buyer waited 10 days to review me so I was not able to post mine even though I wanted to review him 2 hours before him. After that I had to wait another 10 days to see the review.

I am not as lucky as you are!

Yes, it is still the same for me!!

Same here…

Sadly… that’s the only way, I think!

Why was that one sentence blurred? I had to click on it to read it.
Can others not see that sentence?

How did you do that? :open_mouth:

With This !!!

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Thanks a lot, my friend!

There are new things in the forum, I see :slight_smile:

Can others see the sentence that I blurr in your reply?

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