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Is that spam or not


Hi guys
I’m new seller
One buyer send message with link "follow instructions " after browsing link. I see editing work with more instructions. What can i do.please help me.

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Doesn’t seem like the usual spam message, but it’s up to you whether you click on the link or not. :slightly_smiling_face:

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bro I think you got a good chance but it’s up to you what to… :+1:

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I’m not following his instructions. I wanted take advices in fiverr forum before do this.


Click & see the instructions if its goes with you follow it. Simple

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It doesn’t look like spam to me. I don’t think you should report it as spam, but I don’t think you should do work for free either. You could just say ‘No thank you’.

It’s entirely up to you what you choose to do. :christmas_tree:


Thank you for your advice

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Thank you bro. I’m following this instructions.


i think this is legit not a Spam but make sure your virus guard up and running when you click the suspicious links

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He is asking you to do work and claiming it is just as a sample. Tell him to spend $5 and then you will do the work on one “sample” so he can see how you do. Don’t do work without an order first even if he claims it’s just a sample so he can see if you are good enough for more work.

This looks fake to me. Usually when they ask for a sample of your work, they are trying to get something free, at least in this case it seems that way.