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Is that when you have Pro gig, you can't back to regular gig?

I found that Pro seller they do Brand new Profile and profile.

My question is when you become Pro seller, you can keep your old regular gig to sell both pro and regular one? or you can switch back and forth between 2?

Not all Pro sellers are new, there are some who have been on Fiverr for years, and have and use both their regular and their Pro gigs. In that case, you can keep both kinds of gigs active, as far as I can tell.

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So that mean when you become pro, you can sell pro gig and regular gig in the same times right? Cause i checked some pro seller they don’t have regular gig.

That’s right, you can keep selling both. Those who don’t have regular gigs or probably joined as Pro sellers.

You don’t have to create a new profile. The only limitation is that a pro gig cannot be turned into a revular one, and vice versa.

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Frank, after check your profile i understand it. Thank Frank. I’m applying to pro too

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