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******** is the artist who copied some crap and sent it to me

He literally sent me the Microsoft Edge logo.

How do I get a refund?

******** is his name.

Mod Note: Username removed.

You should report that, im a new seller but have read the FAQ and rules, a seller that sells on fiverr claims that all his work is original or has the license to use certain materials

That is a clear violation of the ruled, although you should erase his username, because thats also against forum rules

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You can go to the support section and report an issue with the order, the support team will investigate and the user can either get a warning or get his account banned

Also, I believe fiverr gives you the option to cancel the order. What i would do is contact support, report the sellerand cancel the order, fiverr will definiteley refund you since its against the rules to plagiarize or use stock material without the proper permit

Thank you for the reply!

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You are welcome, I would also recommend to contact the seller before placing an order, I believe talking to someone and asking questionscan be a good filter and can let you know whom are you paying to do the job

Live and learn.

I reported him, so we shall see if I am refunded.

Nice little scam he’s got going.

I was close to making an order for product labels too. Thank god I hesitated.

Yes, dont worry, they usually take at most one day ro respond, I know because ive contacted them 2 time to ask some questions that i could find on the FAQ

I believe your issue should be solved quickly

Since im new and do illustrationsim afraid i cant really help you with designs like the ones you are looking for and i cant think of someone to recommend. You could try checking other gigs or placing a request (be careful though, getting offers on a request wont get you quality work necessarily) I hope you can find someone that can do the graphic work youre looking for

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