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Is the buyer request can find me a job?

I want to know about the buyer requests. Is this really work?
I’m new to Fiverr.


How can buyer request work… you are one who needs to work for the buyer.

Tho i completely understood what you meant to say but please first improve your vocabulary… And yeahh definitely try to send a good cover letter and hope the buyer selects you LOL


Thank you. But I didn’t get the first word. Tho?

I believe this depends on the specific service you provide and the price tier you are planning to be.

If you are starting out and just looking for experience on the platform, submitting proposals to requests will work.


  1. Be very clear in what you do and how you do in your proposal description.
  2. If possible, set the price slightly less than an estimate. Usually nobody does that. You will stand out.
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Thank you for your informative reply. I appreciate that. I will do it.

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