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Is the client messing up with me or there is an error?

I received from a client a message saying hello there, I replied Hello {user name} and I got a message that my message is flagged, and I have the same experience with this same client a few months ago, I have a strong feeling this particular person might be just messing up with me,
Any inputs from anyone, I will report to CS but did anyone experienced this kind of thing?

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If their name contains any trigger words like email, pay, papaya (I) etc. it may be enough to set off their radar?

Well done for reporting to CS though - hopefully it’ll save any problems.


That is what made me feel suspicious, there is nothing wrong with the name or with their message or mine… it was like Hi there and I replied Hello {username}, That is why I felt it might be the client messing up with me, you never know, I try so hard not to be paranoid, though it is hard not to be paranoid when doing anything online. :slight_smile:

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