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Is the customer fooling me?

I recently had a customer who asked to deliver the work ASAP. He said he wouldn’t be able to pay because he was out in his village and there was no bank near by. The initial agreed upon price was 25$ but I agreed to do the work for 10$ and get the 15$ later. I agreed because he said he hired a writer previously who ghosted on him and needed the work soon. He wanted the work asap so I delivered it in less than a day.
Then after delivering he sent me short messages that made no sense then a day later, he tells me he is not satisfied with the work I did. I asked him to tell me where the mistakes were and that I will revise the work and resend. He asked me to graduate school first and then talk him. I apologized again and revised the work, word for word and then sent again.
He then said I hadn’t done what he had asked for. I copy pasted his initial request and told him I did exactly as asked. Then he said his client wasn’t happy with my work and that my grammar was bad. I sent the file to a very experienced writer/editor and she told me there were no errors.
I agreed to cancel the order under one condition: the work i did for him may not be used anywhere. He didn’t fully agree to it, he just said he hired another writer for the job.

I think he hires people, makes them work and then doesn’t pay them.

I am very doubtful of the buyer. What should I do?


So you actually worked for him without an order ? it looks like he did not place any order but still i just want to be sure.


The guy conned you, then INSULTED you, and then you did a free revision for him. The moment someone says “I will pay you later” block them immediately.

Sorry this happened to you. X


I agree with @gwyneth_galvin. Block this guy. He was wrong to insult you. Also, if a price is agreed upon, I think a fair policy is that full payment and delivery of goods occur at the same time. Splitting the cost up because “he can’t pay right now” is a huge red flag.


She did, but it was a 10$ order instead of an actual 25$ order.

Sorry to hear what you have gone through. It sure sounds like a nightmare, and most of the sellers here have gone through this, at least once. There’s no end of these scammers.
If you have done everything he requested, don’t agree to cancel the order and contact customer support immediately, and explain everything.


No i think she is confused about the whole fiverr order system. if buyer was out in village and there was no bank nearby then how he paid 10$? but let’s hear from her first.


In the future, whenever someone says something like that, just say no.

Politely inform him that, as per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, if the order is cancelled for any reason, the seller keeps all the rights, and the buyer can’t use the work.

Very likely. It only works because there are sellers who fall for his scam, though.

If the order is already cancelled, I doubt there’s anything you could do at this point, other than never working with him again (or anyone else who gives you nonsense excuses).


I haven’t agreed to cancel the order yet. He keeps saying mean things as I disagree to cancel. It doesn’t feel fair that I worked and he refuses to pay for it

The order was placed and he accepted the custom offer and then I got to working. After delivering the work, he refuses to pay

Will do. Thank you so much

He said he can’t pay 25$ so agreed on initial cost of 10$ and then he agreed to pay 15$ later.

He accepted the custom offer I sent and I even delivered the work

He is a creep who is trying to cancel to get his miserly $10 back. It’s your decision; you can keep saying no, or cancel to avoid a bad review he might leave you. He is a despicable character.


Well then it was a lesson , unfortunately you had to learn this way but if i would on your place, i would never cancel the order. I know that is gonna lead to negative feedback but i can live with it and also i can share my answer and explanation too so i am sure genuine buyer will understand it. Plus you can also give feedback to that buyer that he is not a really good buyer so people will read that too before working with him, at least i do, whenever i get a message from any buyer i first check their profile if they have purchased anything from fiverr and if yes what was the previous seller’s feedback. That has saved me many time. And there are gonna be all kind of buyers, you just need to learn about red flags. For example, imagine you are selling fruits in markets and a buyer comes to you and buys 25$ fruits and gives you 10$ and tells you that he will pay 15$ later, now you have just met him and you know nothing about him, would you let him take away those 25$ fruits?
i too say NO to many buyers , like 5 to 7 in a week in polite way when i see those red flags. instead of working those kind of buyers, i would prefer to watch netflix and eat popcorn.


You should not. You worked and delivered the task. When someone says you to work not going through the procedure just say “NO”.

When procedure is not followed there is no guarantee he will pay you.

Make screenshots of all the mean things and insults, and send those screenshots to the Trust & Safety team. Abusive language and insults are forbidden.

Also, you could copy and paste everything that he wanted you to do, and list everything you’ve done, with the conclusion that you have delivered as agreed upon and that therefore the order isn’t eligible for the cancellation. You’ve done it already, you can try to keep doing it whenever he demands another cancellation. And stay polite and professional the whole time, that way he won’t be able to report you for anything.


Only submit work via the green order box.

No legitimate person would ask you to do otherwise. He could have had the work completed just as quickly via a proper order.

You know the rules, so simply you wouldn’t work.

Yes. I am leaning towards canceling. I don’t want a bad review…

Just doesn’t feel fair. That’s all

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Doing that as of now. Thank yoi

I suggest you cancel the order to avoid bad reviews. Cancelling orders might also affect your gig ranking.
You have to decide which one is best for you at the moment.
Once a buyer seems to rigid before ordering your gig, it’s a clear sign that the buyer might be a cunning person. It’s better you play safe next time