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Is the fact my Seller account is over a year old when I started using it putting buyers off?

After reading certain threads in the forum I am wondering if it would not be better to just open a new account with Fiverr, instead of using this account that I set up over a year ago and have only used for the last 10 days or so.

I have read that buyers can see that the account is old and only has a couple of sales. Coupled with being stung by a conman buyer, my stats aren’t brilliant. Even though the two genuine buyers I had were more than happy with my writing.

Can I even start again if I wanted or is that against TOS? A bit of advise or indeed, any one elses experience in doing this would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


I’m sure different people will offer different advice to you, depending on their unique Fiverr experiences. Personally, I opened a membership on Fiverr, browsed around a bit, then forgot all about it for over 6 months. One day I got an email from Fiverr (“Hey! Did you forget about us? Why not create a gig!”) and a month or so later created a couple gigs and started selling. I don’t know if being on Fiverr for 7 or 8 months with only a couple sales was off-putting to any buyers, but I have had steady sales in the almost 1 year since my first sale. You DO have a rather low rating, however, and high cancellation rate (not in numbers, obviously, but by percentage). I understand why this could cause potential buyers to be leery. Only you can decide what is best for you to do. You’ll need to contact customer service to see if they can help you close out this account and open a new one. If you can prove you’re not asking to do that just to try and hide a low rating (you’ll need to offer proof such as screenshots showing the buyer’s bad behavior/communications) hopefully they’ll help you. But also keep in mind that only a couple more good reviews will bring you up to 80%, which looks better and maybe get you back on track. Good luck~!

Reply to @celticmoon: Thank you for rational input Celticmoon.

After posting this query, I did wonder if it was more hassle than it was worth to start again, as I have links on other sites to my gigs.

People who know me know I am a reasonable person to work with and will always try my best for people. I think I just let this bad experience take over and then after a quiet few days, panicked that it was because of my stats.

Since then I have read that many people have been in the same position as myself and have managed to claw it back. As you noticed, the stats were damaged so badly because that client had a large percentage of my small number of orders.

I now have more happy customers (2) than negative customers (1). I now have messages for a possible new order also, so if that goes through, I will be on my way to gaining my reputation back.

After a good think about it, starting again would indeed feel like I was running away and that is just not me.

On the plus side, I just found my very first gig, published on a professional site. I am on cloud 9 to see it up there in all it’s glory.

As for CS, I still have a ticket open with them about that guy, I have a feeling he opened his own ticket because I was promised my order would be kept and some one has refunded him as well as let him keep the negative feedback there.

Your support as always is good to have, thank you so much,


I am a top rated seller. I have had a Fiverr account for years but I just started using it at the end of 2013. So, from my experience, I would say the age of your account does not matter. I have even deleted some popular selling gigs, which made me look even more inexperienced, based on the age of my account. It has not affected my selling ability here though from what I can tell.

Reply to @victoria91: I have been reading around the forums and can see that there are quite a few of us who opened accounts a while before we used them.

I was seeing a quiet patch but have started getting requests again now, so that has made me realize it is not too much of an issue.

Thank you for giving me your experience as it helps.


Reply to @cariad: Emma, I think your excellent attitude and good work ethic will help you overcome this negative customer. I hope CS sees valid reasons to delete this review, and I wish you well @};- @};- @};- @};- @};-

Reply to @celticmoon:

Your support is outstanding Celticmoon and this comment put a lump in my throat.

Thank you so much. I have some great news…they removed his libelous feedback.

I have written a thank you post to all of you as you really did keep my morale up.

Emma x

Hooray!! Chalk up 1 for the good guys~! :-bd