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Is the Fiverr staff asleep? So much illegal content

So I just had to cancel a gig because the buyer’s server was used to conduct illegal activities, a fact that he neglected to mention when he hired me.

Worse yet, on my one active week on Fiverr he isn’t the first guy to do it.

Seems like the Fiverr staff is just out there to make money with no regard to sellers, quality of service and liability.

Uh… it’s not Fiverr’s job to police the Internet. If you get a job that you don’t like, cancel the order and don’t do it.

But it is their job to monitor buyer requests, which is currently filled with hacking requests, keylogging requests and other things.

Are you saying that you are getting your buyers from buyers requests?

Yet they are very active to unjustified shutdown legal gigs