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Is the " Invite Your Friend and earn $5 event working

I actually wanted to know that if the invite your friend and earn$5 option is still working , i invited two of my friends on fiverr via gmail , but they didin’t got any free gig. In fact its even showing anything about it , so please if there is a bug in my account plz fix it as soon as possible . And i even wanted to ask the its been 3 to 4 days i had posted my gigs and i had promoted all of them too , so why am i not getting any buyer . Is there anything else i can do get the traffic.

Any Comment would Really Be appreciable

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Fiverr needs to clarify this feature.

I’ve heard it’s likely limited to certain countries. Although you see the page, it’s possible you’re excluded (by Fiverr) and unable to participate.

Contact Support and ask :slight_smile:

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Cool, thnx for the reply . I will surely contact to the support

I remember last time that it works but in some countries. I don’t know if it’s the same case now.

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Yeah I had got to know that it is not working in my country

Thnx for the reply though