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Is the new search broken?

Not a rant as a seller, but as a buyer looking to buy something. Have been having to specifically use filters for my searches because I’m seeing sellers with zero ratings, who aren’t even highly rated sellers. My search was for game making, and then for Unity, and landed some pretty horrific results without the filter.

Also, why are people allowed to get away with outright lying on their gig page? Starting from $5, click on gig, PRICE ISN’T $5, PLEASE CONTACT VIA PM.

Then why say it’s starting from $5? Fiverr should make it mandatory for those who put the $5 order option to have to deliver what they say as a gig, so that they’ll change this idiocy. The true professionals began at least at $120, which is where you’d expect the most basic version of someone making an app.

Biggest gripe though is that the top rated sellers for these searchers weren’t at the top, nor were the level two sellers. My issue with this? Well, after what happened last time, I’d rather buy someone who’s trusted in the marketplace with top reviews. And someone like that should be on the top, filter or no filter. But the level two seller with over 60 likes who I finally found after a lot of filtering wasn’t even visible on the first page…


I think we can definitely call the current ranking algorithm broken.

Any sorting process that gives priority to brand new sellers that have no reputation cannot be functioning properly.

Fiverr bots have officially gone bonkers :rofl:


Why? how did you notice that?

Well, well, buyers are complaining too…

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