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Is the Porftolio ON or Off for the Buyer

I have my portfolio turned on for my gigs, but I’m told that during the gig review, the buyers can turn it off so the gig does not show up in my portfolio.

When I started to get several gigs in a row not showing in my portfolio I thought there was a problem so i asked the buyer’s if they turn the portfolio off. They said they did not.

I put a ticket into CS and their reply was, the buyers turned it off.

So now I’m really confused.

I decided to buy a gig myself to see what it looks like for a buyer to turn a portfolio ON or OFF. But I’m still not sure. When I looked at the review there was an image on the right side with a minus sign in a circle. Is the portfolio ON or OFF by default?



I appreciate the feedback.

That’s weird. If you turn on your portfolio, buyers can turn it off, but when they say that they are not turning it off, something is strange. You were correct to put in a ticket to customer support.

Please let us know the outcome.


The “+” or “-” sign may seem confusing, but it’s obvious to the buyer what happens when they click on the “-”…the image fades away! It’s gone, as in not showing. So even if they don’t know what the “+” or “-” is all about, they can easily see what happens when they click on it.

If YOU have Live Portfolio ON, the default is that the image shows to the buyer and has a “-” in the corner so that the buyer can “subtract” their work from public view, or just leave it showing.