Is the previously sent work available for a buyer?


If I complete work, for example I draw a picture, until a buyer confirm the work I see my picture (and also the buyer see) with a watermark. But if a buyer wants a review and I make it again, then complete the work, I see that this new picture is with the watermark But the previous one is Not! and it can be download in full size!
How can it be right? A buyer can use all works with paying for one?


I suppose you are asking why the buyer can access the files of the previous unaccepted work on top of the final delivery.

If you made minor changes to the first picture, I don’t thing it matters if they can access all revisions, since it’s practically the same image with small differences.

If you have drawn a totally different picture each time, Then you better change your attitude and ask for another payment since it’s a different work than the one they asked for first. Or start charging for revisions.


But if I do the review by drawing it over again as I can’t change the previous picture in the way it should be, and I count this new work as a review?
Actually, even if I change the picture and send it again as a review, buyer can use the previous one without watermark and not even pay at all if I agree to cancel the gig (as it might be better for me) or even if I’m not agree, fiverr can be on the buyer’s side (who would claim the work is done wrong) and cancel it for the buyer, still buyer can use the work.
I think it would be better if the system protects sellers buy adding watermark to all work until you agree to take it off.


I agree with you that fiverr should add watermark on all work revisions until the work is done.