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Is the response rate still calculated in a 24 hour period?

After a recent demotion back to level one (technical issue led to THREE orders being delivered late - not to mention a tonne of missed messages.) I’ve been taking a look at the analytics and notice that my response rate is far lower than it should be and could lead to further demotion.

As a copywriter, my inbox is filled with requests to write for “cancer-preventing” energy drinks and other snake oil products that IMHO Fiverr shouldn’t be associating itself with. But that’s for another topic. The fact is I’ll be punished if I don’t engage in some form of conversation with these people - which leads me to my question: if it’s been longer than 24 hours since receiving the message, is it still worth replying?

I was under the impression that after a day has passed, it has no effect on your analytics score - but the analytics page now simply states:

Respond to 90% of the inquiries you received in the last 60 days

Does this mean I should go back and reply to any unanswered messages for the last two months, or are we still under the 24 hour system?

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According to the link from that page it’s (still) based on if you reply within 24 hours. I haven’t seen anything from Fiverr saying it’s changed.

Response Rate is the percentage of first responses to new messages that a seller sends within 24 hours.


Yes, My response rate still now 1 hour