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Is the search/ranking results bugged? PAGES DELETED?

Does anybody noticed that many gigs which were topping the gig ranking in a category were hugely dropped to other placement. Even other pages?

Also, when search for a KEYWORD, when try to REFINE RESULTS, the 1st option is “already clicked”, but shows results from other categories too? For example, if I search for VECTOR, on REFINE RESULTS, Vector Tracing is already selected, but it shows ILLUSTRATIONS and LOGO DESIGNS, and any other category. Then I need to click on one not selected REFINEMENT, and then click black on Vector Tracing to make it work properly.

ALSO, in many categories, there are hundreds of pages if you filter for RECOMMENDED sellers, but if you filter for BEST SELLING, it just show a few. It seems to be in most of categories all over the markeplace, but here are some samples:
Business Cards & Stationery
Cartoons & Caricatures
Book & Album Covers
Packaging Design
Web & Mobile Design


Then why reply? :thinking:

I’ve seen drops as well! Although the moment I refresh the page, every gig’s position changes again. Anything from row 1 to row 4. Everytime I refresh. That is something I like, though. Every good gig gets equal visibility.

As for sorting gigs, that has been a known bug for a very long time.


I understand this, but how do you explain a gig which was on row 1 always, suddenly (from one day to other) went to the 12th row? (which was my case, and my gig is the actual best seller).

Also my gig, which has 6000+ reviews (99.9% positive) was just passed by a lower rated (4.8 star) and only 17 reviews over 6 months. My gig got these reviews in little bit more than 24h.

I see many gigs which were on 1-4 rows yesterday knocked down to other pages, and gigs which clearly looked to be far from page 1, are almost on the first rows for the first page.


Fiverr doesn’t reveal much about the search algorithms. The only thing you can be sure of is that there is no guarantee of any particular position from day to day and it’s not uncommon for gigs to be entirely removed from search. Staff doesn’t typically respond to forum posts like this.

As far as people noticing big changes in personal ranking, I’m sure they have. Those kinds of changes get reported in the Ranting Pot pretty frequently. Things change frequently.


Anyone else remember that time on Fiverr when they just introduced the new algorithms and anything with higher than $100 was placed first in the search results lol. I had to put my gig at $900 for it to appear at the top.


woah! haha. I didn’t know there was a time it went out that way. :rofl:

I noticed I went from page 3 to ?? I can’t even find any of my gigs in the search! They were all page 3 and 5, 7, 9…now gone? I do a search for my user name…I guess I don’t exist? Anyone else where I am? Strange…

I received message from support, they said I shouldn’t worry by losing a few spots in the ranking.

40 spots aren’t just a few. it’s from 1st row to the last row.

I wouldn’t be worried if I just saw real best sellers passing my gig, but new gigs are going to top. Like if it was a swap between some gigs which were on top of ranking with some gigs lost in those many pages.

Like I said, in other post, a 17 rated gig (4.8 stars) is now on first page, in front of my gig, which has 6000+ positive ratings (5.0 stars).

I know fiverr doesn’t assure gigs placement, but I also know they doesn’t create an algorithm to place low performed sellers on place of best selling gigs.

Actually, I don’t know why things are like this sometimes, but they do seem to do exactly that from time to time.

Happened to me since last night. My best selling gig which was at the top 2-3 lines is now on the 3rd page :frowning: The gig has 13000+ positive reviews and 5 star rating. Now it’s on the third page and some random gigs which have very few reviews and some that don’t even have a 5 star rating are on top. Only we know how hard we have worked to maintain the standards and stay on top. As a full timer I’m concerned about this situation.


It’s happen few time and it’s totally control fiverr own hand.

They shuffle the search results so it will help the newcomers get a chance. I can understand that, but if the gig is not even in any page then there is a problem.

Some searches show gigs that does not contain any of the searched keywords while the gigs with related titles are nowhere to be seen.

I browsed through all the pages in my gig’s subcategory and still didn’t see my gig in any of the pages. :smile:

Really true.
Me too dropped page 1 to page 4 :disappointed_relieved: but its not first time it happened couple of time in past and restored without any efforts.
So I am hoping for best.

Yes I also hope for the best!

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I do recommend to contact fiverr support, like I did.

More sellers doing this, better chances to get it fixed

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like I just said to @sachin81

Try reporting it to fiverr support. I believe it is a small bug, because there are other issues with search that happened in the same time.

This issue I mean, when search a keyword, you cant REFINE RESULT by selecting the first option, it seems already selected, but it shows with no refinement at all. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug, because to make it work, you should click another refinement, and the click back on the first one, to work properly

there are already many features to give a chance to newcomers:

  1. reducing number of reviews from, for example, 20k+, to only 1k+ (it was 100 days ago).
  2. New sellers section.
  3. Recommended section.
  4. Available now.
  5. Buyers request.

6. marketplace rotation
Did I forget something?

I don’t believe fiverr would use BEST SELLING section to show NOT BEST SELLING GIGS.


Yes. Search in buyer request doesn’t work at all too. I tried a few times, it just does nothing at all.

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I’m so sorry this happened sachin81. You’re definitely the best photoshop guy on fiverr! Something must be wrong, or a mistake, to do that.

I hope it’s only temporary. I can personally vouch for your work and skill and professionalism and you do deserve to be first.

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Thank you very much and I really appreciate your post :slight_smile: Yes I really hope that this is temporary. Fingers crossed!!! BTW I hope you are doing great :slight_smile: