Is the Survey Real?


I received an email from Fiverr (may or may not actually be them) saying they appreciate the sellers and want to make our experience better. Then there is a link to the survey, and it says you can win $500 for completing the survey.

Is this legitimate? I just want to make sure it isn’t a scam or a virus or something of that sort.


Evan J.


Hmm I got it too, and the survey is about “Would you pay for advertising on Fiverr” :frowning:


I wouldn’t click on the link if I were you. Is it from Fiver or Fiverr? I think it had a scam going around with a play on the name and used fiver instead of fiverr and people got scammed because they thought it was fiverr.


Yes, the survey is real. No need to panic. :slight_smile:


I did not get the email yet… then waiting for it :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! I just filled it out, it takes less than a minute!


Reply to @nirob_19: Just FYI, using an alternate link to the survey should get your opinion out to Fiverr if they really want it. The real email does state something about being linked to the address it is sent to or something like that. If you take the survey without receiving it via email you might not qualify for the prize entry. Honestly, I’d be surprised if they end up using the results or awarding any prize anyhow but just thought I’d give you the info in case.