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Is the tip feature, Fiverr's best kept secret?

I didn’t know about the tip feature, until this evening, when a customer gave me a tip. I’d seen previously, some sellers have specific gig’s set up to receive tips and this is something I had considered doing as well.

Do you think people know enough about this feature? If not do you think it’s right for us sellers to educate our customers in using this feature?

Every order that somebody adds a positive rating… after the order they get a button with a the tip feature:) so i think that is pretty easy to find… and simple:)

Yup like @dexblog said. It’s been around a while, you probably just didn’t see it because you were on the seller end of the transaction.

In the old days we used to make “tip gigs” and the site started getting flooded with them because everybody had a tip gig, so Fiverr’s solution evolved into what it is today.

It is pretty sweet getting a tip, isn’t it?

So We as a seller dont need a tip Gig now? as there is button for the buyers to give tip?


Reply to @liquidlettuce:

It was. First for me and even though only a little one, was a nice gesture.

Reply to @beurasudip: Yes, you no longer need a tip gig. This means you can have an extra gig since you don’t have to use one for tips!