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Is the user trying to put me in trouble with Fiverr


Hi everyone,

A user (most likely it is a fake account too) contacted me for Somali translation work and asking me if I was there, and when I replied to him/her with " Yes I am here, Do you want to translate from English to Somali or vice versa?" I got this message:

I am guessing he or she didn’t like my forum posts and thought of a little revenge… Is there a way to report this kind of behavior to Fiverr?


You have the ability to report anything by sending a ticket to the Fiverr CS or using the “Report” button in the lower right corner of every message you receive in the Inbox.

The messages get flagged for review when there’s something going on suspected of potentially breaking the Terms of Service.

If you didn’t do anything wrong - you don’t need to worry about getting into trouble, as you won’t.

Make sure you adhere to the ToS at all times as nothing can “out you in trouble with Fiverr” other than yourself.

If the Buyer send something that breaks the Rules he/she will get reviewed and sanctioned as well.


Please can you delete the username and country from your initial post?

Many messages get automatically flagged for no apparent reason, even when you think you haven’t said anything wrong. I doubt it’s revenge for forum postings - why report them, they haven’t done anything wrong - it’s Fiverr’s system which automatically flags messages.


Yeah it could be a bug in the system too, point taken, I have deleted the user name.


Thank you!


He/she did not report your message, it has been flagged by Fiverr’s messaging system automatically.

To verify, is this what you replied EXACTLY?


I get flagged like that all the time. An automatic system flags messages but a human will check it and if you did nothing wrong then it is not a problem.


yes that is exactly what i wrote and the person who messaged me asked are you there, i want to translate …


Maybe I jumped the gun and rush into paranoia mode, forgetting that systems could have bugs, maybe I owe an apology to the requester, but I guess I have to wait 24 hours before I communicate.


You can send another message, just change the wording and it should go through. Dont leave the buyer wondering if you are ignoring them.
Note that when approved, the previous message will also go through.

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Completely off topic, but have to ask: Have you considered offering proofreading in Arabic? I’m asking for completely selfish reason, because I need one done. :grinning:


Thanks all I think so… how do I close this topic?

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