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Is the W-9 popup permanently stuck on my screen?

" Check if you need to fill out Form W-9 to keep your Gigs active. You got 30 days to check."
Is this going to stay on my screen for an entire 30 days? I cannot find a way to close it, and I do not make enough to fall into the category of sellers that need to fill out a W-9 form.
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Update: I found a temporary fix, I used AdBlocker’s “Block element” tool to block the popup.

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I think you’ll have to click on it regardless for it to disappear.

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I have, it’s still stuck there. It’s a bit distracting when I try to communicate with customers, it being a contrasting orange on a green and black website.

If you are not a USA seller, you just have to click “NO” after clicking on the profile and selecting W9 form and it will disappeaar

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It vanished for me after a few hours.

Also, why did you not ask this in the W-9 US Verification Requirement thread?


I think you still need to fill out the w9 no matter how much you make but will not be given a 1099 since you don’t need to worry about taxes if you have not earned much.

Will my gigs be locked if I don’t complete it, even though I don’t make enough to matter?

yep. just do the needful and put it behind you.

I only know what we have been told so I have no idea but just do it and then no worries about it.

Mine went away the day after I filled out the form.

Regardless, every Us citizen must fill out the W9. Please read this notice by Fiverr. The first FAQ explains it.

This is what the thread said :arrow_down:

It does not matter if you do not make $20,000. The W9 must be filled out. Fiverr will send 1099 to the relevant tax authority only if you make $20,000.

The only users who do not need to do this are non-US citizens.


Check there you will find an option called “let’s check” Click on there. You will find an option to called “No” and “yes”. Read carefully the instruction they provide. Then click on No or yes

you have to fill it no matter how much money you make here on fiverr. If you are in the US you have to fill it otherwise your gig might get denied.

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Thanks for the information. I didn’t know what to do.

I was surprised when i saw it