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Is there a 4.7 Bug?


Just imagine getting too many 4.3 or 4.7, not because the buyer wanted to rate it such, but because of the app. Technically they are positive, but in reality…


I wonder how many Fiverr employees had to get 96% to pass an exam? :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha, right? :smiley:


wait, I got 4.9, is that bug too ? :scream:


Haven’t heard of a 4.9 bug, but anything’s possible! :wink:


:thinking: 4.9 it’s a cool bug I guess, but is there any way to fix it ? because I think, it’s stuck on my stats :rofl:


Well I can second this. My recent review also was 4.4 and the buyer is very satisfied. I asked from him and he told that he reviewed from the mobile app. He even apologized to me.


Funnily enough 4.7 is not a positive review according to Fiverr. So if average rating is 4.7, you are not worthy of leveling up. And getting a 4.8 review is not possible, so only a perfect 5 is acceptable. :joy: And a lot of people are complaining about the reviews being bugged for mobile users, so 5 appears as 4.7 often.


it’s weird, the results is 4.7 but I saw on my own stats is 4.9 (on app) and the dekstop view is 5 :roll_eyes:



Sounds similar to one I had:

They don’t seem to be able to round decimals very well.


You got that bug too, then what happened after you report it to cs ? or should I report it to cs too ? :open_mouth:


It went to technical support - my ticket’s still open - haven’t heard anything else back.


Hopefully they will fix it soon, I believe they can do it :sunglasses::+1:


This is interesting. I don’t know if there is a bug but I had a client rate me 4.7 (5 / 5 / and 4 stars at the buy again or recommend) but was very happy with delivery and even reached out to me for another order right after. It also shows 4.5 in the desktop similar to @offlinehelpers other post on it. I didn’t bother to ask any clarifications on the rating because I found it positive enough and I have several other 5 star reviews to cover it up. But knowing how maintaining a rating of 4.8 and above is the only way to let the Fiverr system deem us worthy of our levels, any sort of bug with the rating system (should there really be one) be addressed immediately.


I said that to myself last November. Now I get more 4.7 ratings than ever!


:four:.:seven: is a mystery. :weary:

Are you still having issues?


:scream: omg that’s not good :scream:


Only the ones I reported to CS. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s what I call “iPhone potato fingers Bug”. This actually happened to me more than once some years ago. I believe it could be responsiveness from iPhone touchscreen and from my experience it happens only on iPhones. When reviewing from the Fiverr mobile App and trying to click on the fifth star results in marking only four stars. Like having extremely large “potato fingers”, lol. Back in the past when I asked my buyers if all was OK, they ended up apologizing and changing to 5.0 and every one of them had an iPhone. They simply couldn’t mark 5 sometimes and had to go to a computer to login and review.


Agree with your comment