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Is there a big enough user base for my Gigs? Startup related-gig

I want to share with you some doubt I have. I am offering mainly services to startup that are looking for funds by Business Angels and VC. Considering my long experience in the startup field, I consider my services incredibly good with a relatively low price. I basically can review an entire pitch deck in few hours and few bucks. How Can I do it? I invest in startup a lot and it takes me few minutes to understand what a pitch is missing, wheter is strong or not. The problem is: I struggle to get more than 1 order per week. What’s your opinion? Do you think there is not enough users requiring these kind of services or there is something more? I have had 2 negative reviews 3 years ago but I was not taking seriously FIVERR (my fault, i know) but last reviews are extremely good. Do you have some experience in working with startup on fiverr? Can you share some suggestion with me? I really appreciate guys.

Why not just try it? Fiverr has a huge audience. You won’t know until you try. You have enough business experience to know better than anyone. If you can review business plans then you are a substantially qualified business expert.

I think you deserve more than just $5 for such services…in fact, by selling your time on such a valuable and unique service for just $5, you are short-selling yourself…nobody will take such important advice seriously if offered for just $5. Hope you understand what I am saying…

I mean…if I want advice that can make or break my life or career, I won’t take someone who asks just $5 for their advice seriously…

You will if all you have to spend is $5.
Seriously though you are right in a way. People looking for investors for a business usually have at least $50,000 of their own money invested in a going business and are trying to get more to expand.

It is possible the op is a shark in business and comes here to find people willing to pay $5 so he can scrutinize their business proposals to prepare them to meet investors out of a sense of charity.

Challenging an Investor pitch does not take hours. It’s a 10 minutes work if you know what and how to do it. It’s all about experience. An average VC analyst takes less than 3 minutes per pitch. 90% of pitch are immediately discarded. If you look at my gigs, you can see that I also offer other services with a higher value and then higher cost for the user.

Yes, I agree it is not time consuming to challenge investor pitch decks. A quick glance and you know what is missing. As most of my gigs are start up related, I know the user base for your gig is huge. You can add extras or custom quotes to actually do the edits / miss-outs you recommend and shoot up your cost. Buyers just love it and are more than willing to pay when you offer that.

Your business plan gig is excellent! Writing business plans is one of the hardest things about starting a new business in my opinion. If you can write good ones that help get financing for people you are offering a very valuable service.

The more broad the scope of your gig the better for bringing in orders. I have very specific gigs and then very open ones, you may want to experiment with a similar model, and as always let it be known that you will customize, because often a customer is looking for something just a little different than the specifications of what you have listed.