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Is there a bug, I do not see my gig

I published a gig few days ago. I understand there are many more sellers offering similar services on the platform. But after all, I should able be to see my gig checking all the gigs (3595 gigs on Vintage retro) on the relevant design style category, isn’t it? Unfortunately I don’t see my gig among them. Is this a bug only I encounter?

Nope, not a bug.

Most probably it still hasn’t gained enough traction for it to be listed.
Try getting some orders in first, that should get the ball rolling.

Also, I have read somewhere that Fiverr sandboxes new gigs for the first 48-72 hours during which they are vetted by CS to ensure they are not break ToS.

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Hey thank you for the informations.

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Yes i have same problem when i create new gig and it is not showing in newest arrivals category then i delete that and recreate that then it appear on newest arrivals