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Is there a Bug in Fiverr Algorithm?

NOTE: I would really appreciate if every one of you provide their response.

From past one month I am receiving orders in a basic consistency. Plus average returning buyer is also good while maintaining all five star rating with value and satisfaction for the client.

BUT when I try to find my GIG in the category without any search filter neither its in (Best Selling) neither in (Recommended) section.

When I try to find it using one word tags It appears on the first page of the search.

I dont know either its some issue in my profile, a bug on fiver platform or they are trying some new algorithms regarding gig movement and its effecting everyone.

Would really appreciate your positive response :slight_smile:


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There’s a whole long thread about the issues with the algorithm here: Gig from first to last page, Search Algorithm Problem - HERE IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME!


Thanks alot for sharing :slight_smile:

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