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Is there a bug with Fiverr's promo codes?


Two of my buyers have been unable to get their discounts in the past few weeks. One tried to use the January promo code and the other tried with this month’s promotion. Fortunately for me (I guess), they weren’t too upset about it, but I am concerned that this will keep happening with future buyers.

Fiverr customer support said they couldn’t apply the discount after the buyer had placed their order, and they haven’t been able to give me any information so far about what might have gone wrong. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and might have any insights into what’s happening and how to prevent it.

Edit/Update: Customer service will not tell me if there is a bug or not, stating that “the information is proprietary.”


They need to try this promo code on their order page promo code box option. Otherwise, they can contact with support team.

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I had a customer not be able to use the code and in addition they had a freeze where they couldn’t complete an order at all even without the code. Finally they went ahead and placed an order somehow without the code.

I think those codes might be expired. They might only work for a short period of time.


Strange about your buyer. The codes were definitely in effect at the time that my clients were trying to use them. It was well before Fiverr’s stated expiry date.


Thanks. I did instruct my buyers on how to use the code. I don’t know if they did it properly or what exactly happened. Both decided to give up on it rather than provide me with further details.

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Just visit your refer page and check there, you are awarded or not.

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I’m really not sure what that means. I didn’t refer them - I just pointed out the promo codes listed at the top of the website. The only reward I hope to get from that is happy clients.

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happy freelancing…