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Is there a business directory on Fiverr for local businesses in my area?

Hello! I am new to Fiverr and I’m wondering if there is a business directory where we can search for businesses we want to work for. Is this a thing?

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To my knowledge, only in the photography category. If you want to work with local businesses, I would suggest a local phonebook or online equivalent.

Okay, good to know. Just want to make sure I’m taking advantage of the resources Fiverr has to offer. I appreciate your response!

You’re welcome. As an additional bit of advice, when you do contact a local place, be sure you also ask something along the lines of:

I’m looking for someone to do X, and if that’s not in your business scope, if you have anyone you would recommend.

Networking can be surprisingly beneficial. Plus, word-of-mouth leads can help you find some hidden gems. Especially if you are recommend the same third-party by multiple businesses.

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