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Is there a chance of becoming a leveled seller if...?


You had a fairly bad rating? I know there is a formula for figuring out when someone get to their first level of seller. I would like to know if a) I’d ever get there and b) how much work will it take?

I had an issue of internet loss which lead to my poor rating (unable to shut down Gigs, or contact sellers, etc), then had to shut down for about a year (new baby). I’m back up and running, and LOVE some of the new features on Fiverr (like the live portfolio!). I just am afraid I may never make it to even the lowest level seller rank. :frowning:


Is it the over all rating of all your Gigs that is counted?


I would think you need 97% or higher to get L2. I’ve heard 98%, very unique, and a lot of gigs sold to get TS. I’ve been at 98% and nearly 3,600 gigs sold and i’m still a L2 :wink:


My tip for you right now is not to mind having no level. Just focus on delivering your best and as OBG said, work with your customers. In the medium term, things might fall into place as you want if you continue doing your best for your customers :slight_smile:


Ive heard of people with less than perfect ratings get top rated :slight_smile: No worries.


Thanks folks, all of you. @oldbittygrandma especially, I will try to contact those clients again. It’s been a year now so… meh. >.< But it’s a great idea.


Good luck, don’t give up!


If you haven’t connected your account to a paypal account, you could always spend the money you’ve made, make a new account and enjoy a fresh new start.


Yes you can still get a level but it is going to slow the process down because you will need 100% rating to receive a level 1 seller.