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Is there a clear-cut requirement to qualify for Fiverr PRO?

I just received a message today that my pro application was not successful. Just wondering if there is actually a set of requirement that have to be ticked. I have been making professional animations for various years and we have a professional process - Scriptwriting, Storyboard, Voiceovers, Illustrations, Custom animations (All high quality and 100% custom). We have worked with Small, medium and large organizations around the world and have made at least 1500+ custom animations and have 2 websites outside of Fiverr. This is a registered company.

I have also been selling on Fiverr for 3 years with a great track record.

Just wondering what exactly Fiverr looks at to make their decisions. Everything seems a little vague. It will be fantastic to get it cleared from an actual staff in Fiverr that deals with PRO applications


This is just a forum for buyers and sellers so unfortunately there are no staff members here to help you.

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I see some Fiverr staffs participating in some forum posts. Also maybe I need to edit my post. I don’t mean ONLY fiverr staffs. Anyone will a good insight can also help. I am quite curious about this

Fiverr looks for people with an online presence outside of fiverr and clear evidence of working successfully in your field on the internet for clients you found outside of fiverr.

Ok. This is a great insight.

How do they vet business transactions that happen via emails or websites or even locally?

I have profiles outside of fiverr. Like somewhere with a Job success score of over 90 and tagged as a top rated and somewhere else with a level 4 (I don’t want to mention names)

Plus - What about the seller’s profile on fiverr itself?

This is a sample of the message.

_Thanks so much for applying. We’re in the process of reviewing applications and are currently approving only selected candidates, in a limited number of categories._
_ _
_At this time, your application does not meet the Fiverr Pro requirements, but feel free to prepare and submit again in the near future._
_ _
_Here are some tips to prepare for the next time you apply:_
_1. Have all your education information ready (certifications, accolades, etc.)_
_2. Prepare links to any professional portfolios, webinars, projects, etc._
_3. If you’re not already, start selling on Fiverr. Seeing your talent and the way you serve buyers in an enormous advantage, and will help us in getting to know you better._
_ _
_Keep Doing!_ 

I will take a guess in your case. You don’t have a lot of reviews for someone who was here for over three years but that’s just my guess. They might have thought that a PRO type would have a lot more sales than that here.

I’m not sure the number of review’ should matter very much. They have the earnings data. I’m providing a professional service and not everyone might be able to afford it.

If my 300+ reviews is averaging 300 dollars per review. Then it should mean something.

I respect everyone on fiverr regardless of how much their service is worth and I think the amount of reviews should not be a major deciding factor, but rather the overall client experience and quality of delivery.