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Is there a difference between one big order vs a few smaller

A reapeated buyer texted me and said that he wants 10 beats (my gig is selling beats) i said okay and then had an idea what if a make a few smaller orders lets say 3 beats + 3 beats + 4 beats that could leave me with more good ratings. I asked him if thats okay and he said yes if i knew that the fees wouldnt get bigger and im not really sure, would there be a difference in fees between one big order or one small order, do you guys know anything about that? Thanks in advance!

  1. There would be a difference in fees, your buyer would have to pay a fee for every order instead of one.

  2. Getting your buyer to place few orders instead of one just so you could get more ratings is review manipulation and will get you an account warning.

  3. Don’t do it.


understood, thanks i didnt know that i could get a warning, il just place one order :smiley:

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I offer a hip-hop ghostwriting service and my premium package is for 16 bars. If a clients wants to order more than one verse, I simply tell them I prefer to work on one verse at a time.

After I deliver the first verse I ask them if they would like to continue on to the next one. They then place another order and we continue forward.

I don’t work this way to manipulate the review system. I mainly work this way because Fiverr is set up weird, the timer will remain the same no matter the quantity of the order (1 verse=7 days / 3 verses=7 days).

Plus it’s hard for a scammer to cancel 3 smaller orders than one big one.


I am confused. Why can’t you make a custom offer where you complete 1 verse in 7 days and 3 verses in 21 days, or what ever time you need?

A custom order is okay, but if they place an order themselves and change the order quantity from 1 to 3, the days remain the same. If one verse is 7 days, you would expect the system to know that two verses should be 14 days, and three verses should be 21 days. In the past for me this wasn’t the case and I was forced to race against the clock, which is the absolute worst for a lyric writer.

That used to be an issue for me too. Buyers would place multiple orders for 1000 words in 2 days. In my order requirements, I have add-ons where if they add 1000 words, it adds one day to the delivery time. It did not use to be that way.

Do you have that option for your verses?

I current don’t have any add-ons available except fast delivery.

Hmm, I have the option to add the extras I want to. Do you not have the Add Gig Extra I have when I edit or create a gig?