Is there a drop in sales these days?


I m having a big drop in my orders, is it same for you dudes?

Wondering why…?

Wrote the following part later.
My gig is shown in the same position in the same page for the same keyword; "Youtube likes". It never goes up. I have been changing the description, title, keywords but nothing works. I think that is the reason for me.


Reply to @caiterz: I actually offer a lot of services, I think 10 in total, but that doesn’t seem to work. I think it’s probably because I’m new to this


nope, i my sales are increasing rather, just checkout your competitors probably buyers are getting bit much there , concentrate on relevant keywords so that your gig is found earlier in search results.


How’s your position in search results? If it has changed, it may affect the number of orders to your gig.


Fiverr operates a lot like any small business. Some weeks are really good, some weeks are really bad. That’s just the way it is. No reason sometimes, just happens.


Yes, sales dropped for me also. Don’t know the reason.

I tried search the gig with keywords and username, couple of them are missing from the search :frowning:



I only had a total sale of 3 gigs in my whole life so I can’t really if the sales dropped or increased.



That’s interesting. My sales have been steady, though I do have some days where I don’t get any orders.

Sharing my gig on forums and social networks has done wonders for me! :slight_smile:

princemaxx said: I only had a total sale of 3 gigs in my whole life so I can't really if the sales dropped or increased.

Dont loose heart, and keep at it! Maybe if you offer other graphic design besides "just logo" :)


Sales Down


For me with it being the holiday season right around the corner I don’t mind it being a little slow personally. With a few of my gigs it takes a bit of time to write so having that free time helps me relax.


Sales tend to go in waves for me too. Some weeks I have a lot of orders with multiple gigs and other weeks its slower. Those weeks I work on my website and other places I’m a member of. It does pick back up here though usually.


Right my answer was going to be "Compared to when"

Sales for me go up and down often. I would say generally from my biggest “High point” they are down. But not dramatically like 20% from my high point.


Dudes, are your gigs shown at the same position in the search results?

I have been making changes in the Description and Title of my YouTube gig, but when I searched the Keyword “Youtube likes”, everyday same gigs are shown in same places. Not a single change. Mine is in one page down. (second page) It never goes up. What should I do?


I’ve actually seen a increase in my sales


Reply to @fourtowers: This seems to happen to me too




My Position Changed In Seacrh:( Not Getting Orders


Reply to @retweet_twitt3r: I’ve yet to be able to even find my gigs in the search :frowning:


I m having enough Views, but no sales. :(|)