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Is there a future with Fiverr?

There are many young fiverr sellers, in fact even older sellers will stay on fiverr since it’s all online. Let me share with you the following opinion.

If there are more and more users signing up it will only make Fiverr a stronger platform since not every user is a seller. In fact, almost every seller can say they have purchased gigs on fiverr as well!!

Fiverr is increasing popularity to sellers and most interestingly to buyers as well. I was at a party the other day when I got into a discussion with a person, after a few minutes he ended up mentioning Fiverr. He was discussing the buying aspect. I wasn’t sure why anyone would sign up and just buy and not sell anything but in reality not everyone wants to sell.

So to sum it up: If buyers don’t sell they still buy. Sellers sell, and buy! Plus, more users are signing up on a daily bases. This will make Fiverr even bigger every year! So the entire cycle works great by itself!

Who shares my opinion?

There is already an ongoing discussion Tips for Sellers and it has useful replies. This post is similar but in a question format so it has been moved to Fiverr FAQ.</b

Of course there is future for fiverr. Although there are several freelancing platform out there, still fiverr started with little different approach and that could be the reason it is going good or better I shall say it is going great.

Further more with some nice features as custom orders and gig extra it gives nice freedom and flexibility for the type of projects and work that can be completed and it is no longer limiter to just some micro job and micro service for only $5.

Fiverr definitely has great potential and for sure will be here for a long time :slight_smile: I think no need to worry about that.

It has been said that as time goes on most jobs will end up being temp jobs and Fiverr is proof of this. Most employers are now looking for people to finish the task at hand instead of handling a HR department and going through all the legal trouble. Fiverr allows people to offer their skills to many people instead of being stuck at one employer at a time. Instead of working for one person and handling a fixed task at hand for a fixed income, we now have the possibility of adding more streams of incomes. Things like these inspire others to work for that little extra, and a little extra goes a long way.

There is a future and the future is now! I couldn’t be more happier with how things are going!

It’s better to have more buyers and less sellers, but agreed, it’s helpful when sellers also buy :slight_smile:

I too share your opinion. I do believe that the more people get introduced to Fiverr, the more business opportunities for sellers.

I’m a relatively new seller with no sales yet but I am hoping to do some really good work with my gigs. The tricky part is getting buyers to realize that you are a genuine seller ready to do some good work.

I looked at the “Buyer Requests” section but it has more seller spam than buyer requests unfortunately. That makes it really tough for new sellers like me :frowning:

Reply to @rodrigueskevin: Yes. Fiverr runs one of the biggest platforms ever introduced. Having 1 employee for every account holder would be insane! It’s more likely to be 1 employee for every 100,000 users, obviously I am really guessing :slight_smile:

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!

What I like about Fiverr vs. other freelance sites is that buyers search for me & I don’t bid on their jobs. It has also been helpful to use Fiverr as a supplement to my outside business as I have purchased gigs from my Fiverr revenue to reinvest in my business at a lower cost than using outside sellers.

There is an incredible future with Fiverr, but like Landongrace said, the future is now! Don’t worry so much about what will happen in the future, just make sure that you are doing everything you can to succeed right now. The future is uncertain for many reasons, not just for Fiverr, but for life in general. Focus on today and your future will be better for it, regardless of what comes your way.

This website offers people the chance to get away from the 9 to 5 life and start their own business. All while working from any location they want. I’m a full supporter and I’m constantly recruiting people who become sellers and buyers. I have earned my way to TRS with a lot of hard work and I can honestly say that I have never seen anything quite as powerful and beneficial as Fiverr. It’s the ultimat platform for anyone looking for financial independence.

Be good to Fiverr and it will be good to you. Work hard, sacrifice weekends of fun and eventually you will be in a position that makes it all worth it.