Is there a generous people here helping me creating video?


I dont know how to create video from gif animation.

I want someone here can help me. As thanks I will create animated cartoon of you.

Please help me, the video is for my gig (I will create animated cartoon of you).


I’d love to help, but as thanks shouldn’t the cartoon you send me be of you? I don’t need to see myself wink.

A.) You have a GIF animation and you want a video (AVI, WMV) file?

  • You need a program to Export. Is that the GIF? …I’ll do it if you’d like. ^ See my terms!


    B.) You have many images you want to make a GIF from?
  • You need a program to line them up frame-by-frame to Export. I will not be doing that, as it is tiring just to think about.


to aboredrichguy :

I have that file (ok.gif) you saw above. Save as on your computer. Just add text “” at the end of video. I will place the video for showcase on my gig.

So as thanks, what should i give for you ?


I’ll message you :-bd

So, to confirm:

  • You want a VIDEO file from that image?
  • yes

    Which file format? AVI, WMV? Keep it mainstream.
  • the format that will be accepted by fiverr. Because i dont know…


Your order has been delivered…I hope you enjoy my work…

WOW, I’M LIKE MR. ORANJE. Where is that knucklehead?


Hi, The video is Great !! Thank you very much ABOREDRICHGUY. You are the most generous I met on Forum.