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Is there a job board?


I am new to Fiverr. It seems great so far! I have a little bit of confusion I was hoping someone would clarify for me. Do customers post jobs? I see where there is an option for requesting a gig but I don’t know where to see gigs customers have requested. Even so, am I correct in assuming that the vast majority of work is attained by a customer searching within gigs that most closely fit their criteria. An example would be a customer that is looking for graphic design for business cards. They would do a search for the relevant keywords (graphic design, business cards) and the system would display to them freelancers that do those types of work. Is that about right?



Make sure you’re in selling mode and then click “more” then “buyer requests” to see the existing buyer requests you can respond to.

Yes I’m sure that’s right.


In the selling mode click “more” and then “buyer requests” there you can see the active requests posted buyers.


Thank you @uk1000 and @hidden_shadow for your help. I checked the Buyer requests and it is empty. So then I assume that it isn’t usually necessary in most cases, is that correct?

Thanks again!

It usually depend on the gig category some categories like logo design get lots of buyer requests daily but some usually don’t get more than 1 or 2 per day.


It also depends on your Fiverr level. Level 1 sellers and higher get to see more requests normally (depending on the category) or they’re not removed from the list like unleveled sellers are when they get a certain number of offers from unleveled sellers.

You can create more gigs in more categories and/or refresh the buyer requests page a few times a day to try to see more of them.

Yes it’s probably not really necessary depending on the type of gig you have. Sometimes it’s useful/good since you can decide which requests you want to send an offer to/which you’d be best at. Though sometimes the ones shown there can be people asking for a lot for a very low price.


Yes you are right I agree!

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@uk1000 and @hidden_shadow
Ok, great! Thanks very much for all of the information!!