Is there a limit to how many gigs we can mention in the "Fiverr Gigs" thread?


I was just curious if anyone knows the answer to this? I don’t want to go around cluttering up the “Fiverr Gigs” forum but is there a limit to how many gigs can be mentioned there? I am thinking since I have quite a variety of gigs to choose from it may be better to just stick to one thread and mention them all there, which brings me to my other question whether it’s ok to mention all of my gigs in one thread, or is each independent thread supposed to only talk about one particular gig?

I am sure I am probably over-thinking this, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Anyone that may be able to help me better in relation to this do let me know. I don’t visit the forums all too much but I was thinking of popping in here a bit more often.


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