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Is there a market for stone carvings of company logos

I’m a stone carver looking to branch out to the unknown. I am looking for a market to offer my services and this site/app is so far my best option. I would just like some feedback as to its it’s a viable option for me and potential customers.


I think there is a Subcategory for this… This way im guessing you would have to ship to your client…

You’ll keep in mind shipping cost and fiverr’s Commission when charging your clients

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It’s not something that lends itself to selling those on fiverr. Are you sure you want to be doing stone carvings and shipping them all over the world? It’s going to not be easy. Also I don’t know how long it takes you to do one but there is a time limit here to deliver.

Do you have any experience where you shipped things worldwide? How are you going to charge the buyer for shipping costs? How will you calculate that? How will you prove that it was actually delivered? It’s difficult.

EBay is more suited to what you do.


Shipping costs might be an issue driving the price up beyond what people expect to pay on Fiverr and it’s more a place for digital services than tangible products (BUT! There’s, for example, someone who has been doing quite well with Origami - much cheaper to pack up and ship, though, I suppose ;)). Pretty cool, though, stone carving. Apart from eBay, maybe look into Etsy and Amazon Handmade?

You could try on Fiverr too anyway, it doesn’t cost you anything to put up a gig and it’s not as if you need to sit around and wait for an order, if you get one, you’ll get an email or you can install the app to make doubly sure you won’t miss an order.
Kind of agree with MissCrystal that it’s difficult, though, the whole shipping/proving issue.


If sending them physically is a problem, maybe there could also be a market for images or video of the stone carvings like in an intro video or maybe 3D scans/3D models (digital) of them could be sent


Yeah sure stores like EBay and Esty are sure what he’s looking for.