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Is there a Minion Copyright?

Will I get in trouble for copyright infringement if I post the minion video?/

Of course the Minions are copyrighted characters. As are all the Disney and other well-known, easily-recognized characters and celebrities being used in gigs.

The Fiverr Terms of Service (which you read and agreed to follow when you created a membership) says this:

By offering a service, the seller undertakes that he has sufficient permissions, rights and/or licenses to provide, sell or resell the service that they offer on Fiverr.

I highly doubt that ANY of those gigs with well-known characters or celebrity images actually have paid the hundreds of thousands of dollars that many intellectual property rights agreements require. So ALL of them have the potential to get those sellers in very deep legal and financial trouble.

And the fact that you’re even asking tells me you haven’t got the proper license to sell Minion material, either.

Question is, will the buyer get into trouble when he uses the illegal service and material, pays 5 Euros and posts it on a facebook page. ??

Reply to @muppysdad: Possibly. There is clear infringement and whether they go after anyone for it is a risk. The penalty could be heavy.

There are many videos here where the logo of your company is offered to be super imposed on a videos of Minions doing different things. How likely is it that a buyer would get into legal trouble for purchasing and distributing the completed gigs with their company’s logo?

You want to know if you are likely to get sued by Disney for copyright infringement? Why risk it? I think it makes the person who does it look dumb. If you are in business then act like you are at least smart enough not infringe on a Disney copyrighted character.
Any huge company on the New York stock exchange has a team of lawyers who do nothing but sue people for copyright infringement. They constantly watch the internet for it. And they have millions of dollars to go after people who do it.

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