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Is there a mistake in my gig?

Is there a mistake in my fiverr gig? please Check and see the wrong ones. No orders placed for 10 days

Please move this to "My Fiverr Gigs. That is where you get support on improving your gigs. :wink:

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ok. thank you very much

If I were you, I would not offer unlimited revisions. Otherwise, your buyer could ask you to revise endlessly. :weary:

You have a couple of capitalization errors. The word I typed in bold need to be capitalized. Also, you need a period at the end of your profile description.

" I will design social media Banner Headers, Flyer, mixtape cover and any photo editing service. Check my gigs and place your order with confidence."

“channel…?” Get rid of the

“I’m ready to do it for you at any time.” Change do to create . Get rid of the “at any time”

“If you got any problems or any questions you can send me a massage and i will get to you as fast as i can best.”

Change massage to message.

This is a massage:

This is a message:

Good luck.

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hello, thanks for advice. you said remove channel this…
Gaming Channel
Music Channels
Sport Channels
Tutorial Channels
Educational Channels
Business Channel

Remove the ellipse, which is the 3 dots after channel and before the question mark.

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I changed them. can you check now please, if has a any mistake please reply me. thanks :fu:

No thank you. I have done enough by pointing out these mistakes for you. :wink:

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