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Is there a penalty to SEO for not including extra fast delivery?

I am a Fiverr writer. I love the idea of offering “extra fast delivery” as an extra because of the potential it provides to earn a bit of extra cash. However, one of my buyers recently cheated the system. They wanted a 2,000-word article as quickly as possible. Instead of going to my most comprehensive package which includes my highest word-count and ordering extra fast delivery, and instead of contacting me directly to set something up, he ordered extra words six times on my most basic package and then ordered extra fast delivery. This allowed him to order a 2,000-word article to be delivered in only 2 days when I had six other orders in my queue. It was quite literally impossible for me to fulfill despite the large payout. I would have had to cancel all six of my other orders, which were all due within the next two days.

This can’t happen again. As the seller, I need to have the control to not be blindsided by a massive order due in a minuscule amount of time that I can’t back out of without hurting my ranking in search.

The most obvious solution to this seems to be to turn off extra fast delivery. But what potential does turning that option off have to damage my gig? Is there a better solution available?


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