Is there a point to giving the buyer negative feedback?


I got my first negative feedback in a year and I overdelivered, so I don’t feel that I deserve it.

As the seller, I gave the buyer negative feedback, but if it does not effect them, then what is the point?

Anyone have an answer or opinion on this?


kjblynx said: If I didn't I say nothing, especially since I don't want to endanger my rating.

I don't think giving back negative feedback can endanger your rating. I don't see how that's possible.


Reply to @hotwebideas: … So you think saying you didn’t like working with the buyer, or straight up giving him a thumbs down may not lead to … I don’t know… Reciprocation from the buyer?

apicturesworth said: Reply to @hotwebideas: ... So you think saying you didn't like working with the buyer, or straight up giving him a thumbs down may not lead to .... I don't know... Reciprocation from the buyer?

Dear apicturesworth, No, that is not what I am saying at all. I am referring to only if the buyer leaves negative feedback, the seller would reciprocate, not the other way around.

Let's make this clear. I like working with all my buyers and have a lot of repeat customers here.


When I deliver my work, I usually tell them to get back to me if they have issues and do not click on the modify button (just to ensure I have enough time to deal with issues). There are quite a number of buyers who are over-demanding and sometimes difficult to deal with but if things appear to be unresolved, I’d rather cancel the order. I have had one issue lately where the buyer keeps intimidating me by giving neg review if I dont proceed with more orders from him. I refunded his money and got myself out of trouble.


She said “I do not like this guy”. That is really not an excuse or reason why she should rate you negative. Rating should only be based on the quality of your work and you can point this out to CS to remove the rating!

Clearly, we sellers are at disadvantage!


I think your thumbs down will not speak for you but the review you posted is going to tell about your experience with the buyer!


I see many buyers taking advantage, some of the agencies and startups demanding more work for low cost. They don’t hesitate to argue and threaten for the more work or modification of the work. It’s not going to work if we give them negative rating because they can always come back with new profile. It is the sellers who suffer because they are the one who have to keep the reputation in the market.


There is no real effect on buyer profile like odesk, freelancer.


I do my thing just like @jasveena. If a buyer seems a threat to me, i proceed to cancellation.